Tomatoes & Peppers Coming this July

Fellow Local Farmers

Trina from Templeton Valley Farms with a basket of her spring vegetables, berries and flowers.

BeeWench Farm  

I've know Sarah & Ryan for years and this family truly care about the food they raise and bring to markets.  They specialize in pasture raised chickens, turkeys and pork products.

Loo Loo Farm

My next door neighbors share my passion for rare and heirloom varieties and they too practice with sustainability and stewardship in mind.  They specialize in edible flowers and exotic fruits.  

Windrose Farm

This wonderful couple run farm has been a model farm to watch and learn from.  They provide our community as well as the communities around Santa Monica with superb produce and if I don't have something I refer to them.  They have a farmstead and do wonderful harvest dinners.  

Hartley Farm

This beautiful family is just a stones throw away and they have wonderful jams and beautiful fruit tree nursery stock.  They too embrace organic practices.  

Templeton Valley Farms

A small, California Certified Organic, sustainable, local farm in Templeton, California that grows and sells fresh and healthy fruits, berries, veggies, eggs and honey -- all harvested on site using organic, natural, sustainable and simple farming practices.  Located the northern San Luis Obispo County where you can load up with beautiful, fresh, ORGANIC produce, fruits and flowers as well as delicious eggs and honey!  

restaurants we RECOMMEND

Tomato Caprese salad served at Cello Restaurant seasonally through the summer featured w/ H.O.P.P.

Cello at Allegretto Resorts  

This is a true "farm to fork" restaurant where executive Chef Justin Picard takes fresh produce from local purveyors to heart.  He creates seasonal, hyper-local food from farmers like me who are encouraged to share their bounty!  I've worked with this chef for years and his passion for incorporating local seasonal food is astoundingly impressive!  Wonderful place to dine and stay!  The gardens are well tended and the night time fire pits easily draw you into cigars, blankets and brandy!

Cass Winery

I am the gardener at this award winning winery and cafe where I'm proud to grow and share the bounties of the seasons year round by integrating fresh produce from our garden into our food.  We infuse our garden vegetables, fruits and herbs into our dishes to offer delicious meals that pair well with our French inspired (DNA certified) estate wines.  Come drink amazing approachable wines and enjoy a glass or a tasting served with lunch 7 days a week on our patio!

Somm's Kitchen

Share your delight in the nostalgia of fine dining and indulge in the excellently paired dinners of owner and talented Sommelier, Ian Adamo.  He has mastered incorporating tradition, culture and indulgence into each bite of food with a sip of wine!  Join him at the 14 seat counter where you can enjoy Michelin style food with well thought out wines.


Chef Nicola and his wife Jacqueline are a dynamic duo and their multi-cultural Peruvian cuisine inspired me to seek out my hunt for rare peppers when he introduced me to the Aji Amarillo.  I've since grown that and many more for him and other chefs.  Nicola is passionate about the ingredients that go into his restaurants and it shows on every plate and in every bite!

Il Cortile

An award winning top tier dining experience in Paso Robles with Executive Chef Santos MacDonal committed to shopping for fresh farmers market produce daily to make some of the best Italian food on the Central Coast.  It only gets better because co-owner, wife and Sommelier Carole MacDonal has brought to the table, the finest Italian Wines as well as awards like "Wine Spectator Award of Excellence" for several years!  This is a must for dining in Paso Robles! 

La Cosecha

Spanish and Latin inspired cuisine paired with amazing Spanish Wines with seasonally inspired menus.  Chef Santos & Carole MacDonel again have nailed fine dining at their gorgeous restaurant with open patios overlooking the downtown city park.  Relax and enjoy farm to table food with perfectly paired wines and cocktails!