Tomatoes & Peppers Coming this July

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We operate a 2 acre organic farm and homestead in rural north east Paso Robles where we've grown fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs and honey for sale direct to customers since 2011.  We offer fresh baskets of our weekly harvest, sell at farmers markets and/or will work with customers for local deliveries to your home or business.    



1000 variety tomato seed collection

We specialize in rare and obscure tomato varieties which I've collected for years from friends, colleagues and seed savers.  On average we grow and save over 100 varieties a year to keep our seed bank alive and share with our friends.  This enables us to offer the perfect tomato for a client from a cherry to an oxheart.  We have every tomato for every purpose from a canning tomato to one used for sun dried.  Seasonal (July-November)   


Sweet to super hot

   We started out growing Peruvian peppers for chefs who requested them and it evolved into peppers of all types, flavors and sizes from all over the world.  We specialize in South American, Balkin and superhots (250,000 + scovilles).   We sell them fresh, dried and in powder form and grow an average of 100 varieties a year.   Seasonal (July-November)       


Gourmet Garlic

I got bored with garlic sold in the stores and so I decided to grow my own.  Once I discovered the beautiful obscure varieties from around the world, held so dear in many ethnic dishes of friends from all over the world I knew I had to keep growing them.  We grow beautiful heads of fresh garlic that you can't find anywhere like Maiskij, Meteshi, Romanian Red, Shilla, Yugoslavian, and so many more.  (Seasonal: May-October) 



Powders & Specialty Products

We have a commercial dehydrator and make specialty paprikas using rare varieties of peppers (Aji Amarillo, Allepo, Espelette).   We are taking the steps to get our state canning license to be able to sell our salsa, marinara, jams and pickled peppers at stores locally.  We specialize in pickled products like our Lebron cachaça biquinhos.  


Free Range Organic Eggs

Our hens roam around our two acres during the day and coop up in a mobile tractor at night.  We feed them OMRI approved Organic Modesto Mills products which is 3 times more expensive than conventional feeds.  Our entire property operates under an organic program to ensure that our birds are the best!  I am a CDFA handler.  Our eggs are collected daily, washed, weighed and candled so that we provide only the freshest eggs.  Year round. 


Fruits & Berries

We have over 40 trees on our property including peach, nectarine, apple,  cherry, sour cherry, fig, Asian Pear, European Pear, plum, apricot, pluot, aprium, almond, pistachio, and pomegranate.  We have several raspberry and blackberry bushes.  We have strawberries.  We also have a rhubarb plant.   It has become a seasonal to pick these edible delights with my children.  Of course I don't stop them from eating their fair share!  (Availability is specific to the plant and is seasonal.)


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